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Key Messaging

Key Messaging – For when you can’t explain who you are and what you do, your website leaks leads, your elevator pitch finishes at the 8 millionth floor, and your sales team are embarrassed by their pitch deck. 
Key Messaging and positioning
How to write memorable Key Messaging - Universal Human Values - picture of interlinking circles making a human face

How to write memorable Key Messaging Part Three: Universal Human Values

There are ten basic human drivers across the world that are so powerful, yet so different between groups and cultures, they actually affect rates of …

How to make Key Messaging Memorable with Processing Fluency - swirl with fight sign

How to write memorable Key Messaging Part Two – Processing Fluency

Processing Fluency – how easy it is to understand what you’re saying – directly affects your audience’s ability to remember and repeat it. Let’s ruin …

What is Key Messaging? Image of a key

What Is Key Messaging?

Key Messaging gets across who you are, what you do, and who you’re for, as well as why you do it and the problem(s) you solve. It’s usually one sentence (it isn’t quite your slogan or tagline, so we like to call it a slagline) and a couple of paragraphs underneath.

Image of glasses - slogan portability

How to Write Memorable Key Messaging Part One – Portability

There is a rough consensus that for language to be memorable, there must be elements of recognition – people should be able to retain and …

Most overused copywriting words AI

The Most Over-Used Copywriting Words… According to AI

Having a clear tone of voice and a well written About Us page is one of the most important elements of a website. While creating …

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