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Be brave. Be different. Be remembered.

Is your voice just another in the rattle and hum of all the businesses you compete with? Have you realised that shouting louder and ramping up marketing just raises all the levels, returning you to square one? We find the way to clearly position your brand and get you heard clearly through clever use of data, process and creativity. And experience. 

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Positioning is a technical and creative process that must be worked through

You can’t dream up a differentiator and watch the sales roll in. They won’t. And if it’s a good one, someone will copy it and you won’t be different any more.

But by using language – your story – and Positioning, you’ll hold your place in your best-fit customer’s mind effortlessly.

We help brands we love pick and stick with a position that’s both natural and powerful for them. Our PRISM process works. We find the space in market and mind that your strategy can own. 

When every word counts, you’re heard more when you say less. Speak clearer. Not louder.  

Key Messaging and positioning


The process to find your Positioning and keep your brand memorable, brave and different.

The process to carve out your Position in the market, win the category and demonstrate what’s truly different about you (without the guesswork).  

Your Positioning requires a smooth process that’s been honed over hundreds of projects. Not just guesswork. And creativity can only take you so far. To find your position in the market you need data + process + creativity. 

And that’s what PRISM is.

I love the way we were taken on the journey, not told what to say or do, but gently led even when we were probably wrong. We had an enjoyable experience, we learnt more about ourselves and now have a great brand guideline to help us share our message authentically.

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1 – Position – We take you through a workshop, calls and worksheets to understand where you are now, your why, what, and how, attributes, and more.

2 – Reference – Understanding your position is as much about understanding the rest of the market. We use AI, client interviews, desk research and more to understand the market and category around you. 

3 – Interpretation – Whether you have a clear niche in the market, or we need to exploit just how different you are, we work out how everything works together.

4 – Story – We distil all of the information into a Brand Story Guide – a short document any stakeholder can use as a shorthand for who you are, and how to talk about you.

5 – Messaging – Optionally, we create your Key Messaging to help you communicate who you are and what you offer – clearly and effectively. Find out more about our (really cool) Key Messaging process here.

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(Great. Do your clients?)

Brand Story Guide example

Do clients compare you to other brands?

Or do they come to you first? If they compare you to other brands how are you showing them you’re the clear choice – while staying away from slippery slopes like price, quality and customer service?

Does everyone inside - and outside - of your business talk about you in the same way?

Or do they all say something slightly (or very) different about what you do? Even if your internal team are on the same page, do your clients understand exactly who you are and what’s different about you? And can they sum it up in a few sentences?

Does your messaging speak to your audience?

Does it answer their questions, speak to their pain points and show them how you solve their problems? And is it something they actually want to read?

Do you have a differentiator?

Something that’s actually different, has proof that goes along with it, and makes your target audience say ‘Oooh yes! That’s exactly what I need.’

To invest in your Positioning means investing in your sales, marketing, brand and growth all at once. 

It means finding a differentiator and a way to communicate your identity. A deliverable that will stop you having to compete on price, speed or vague, unprovable things like the quality of your products. 

Sounds brilliant. But it can be pretty tricky to unpick and uncover. 

That’s why brands work with us to find their position. We aren’t afraid to push back, get into arguments about what your target audience cares about, and dig deep to find you the right answers.

Take our own agency as an example. We were growing along as a generalist copywriting agency. A few years ago we stumbled on the beginning of our positioning process – PRISM. And boom! Having a process that works, that solves a problem everyone struggles with, and makes it easy to accelerate growth has turned us into a highly skilled consultancy that only works with brands and people we really, really love.

Words that define brands we love

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