Origin Marks Explained

Origin Marks are voluntary, self certification marks for the origin of content. They are intended to indicate whether  text or media content is produced by human or machine creativity, or a blend of both. They provide no guarantees and are displayed without any automation or validation.


Content is produced completely by humans, no use of AI.

Humans > Machines

Content is produced mostly by humans, some AI is used to augment, ideate or plan (for example).


Content is produced completely by machine / AI, no human involvement.

Machines > Humans

Content is produced mostly by machine, but augmented, edited or extended by humans.


Origin Marks can be displayed for text content, image content or all content. In some cases the resource might show multiple marks with different explanations.

For example, to show that all text content is purely human, but images are generated by AI with some human editing: 

Use Origin Marks


Origin Marks were created by Proof Content and are inspired by and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA license.

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