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Speak clearer.
Not louder.

There are 2.5 quintillion bytes of information uploaded to the internet every day. Your perfect customers are drowning in information overload. Rise above the noise with a concrete position, clear and compelling Key Messaging, and by writing less content, better.


Be Brave. Be Different. Be Remembered.

Help your perfect customers make the right choice. The only choice. Rise above the sea of sameness in your industry with our proven Positioning process.


When you can’t explain who you are and what you do, your website leaks leads, and your elevator pitch finishes on the 8 millionth floor, you need Key Messaging.


Clever Website Rewrites

10 or 10,000 pages – the right website content keeps you bang on brand, brings you happy humans who buy into your messaging, and is an SEO traffic magnet.


The Right Words in the Right Places

Our in-house team of word lovers, clever content products, AI bot called Pudding, and an army of over 150 expert freelance writers mean we’ll find the right words for your brand. 


Speedy content migration - with attention to detail

Website content is often the last thing on the list when you create a new website. But it’s also the first thing your customer sees. PORTAL is the content migration process that treats every page with the care and attention of the homepage.

Proof Content is a communications agency made up of in-house journalists, writers, and business people, 4 office dogs, 150 freelancers, and an AI called Pudding.

Case Studies

TED logo - positioning and TED key messaging agency


Creating a Position and Key Messaging for “The ultimate idea worth spreading”

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IT Naturally

Key Messaging so non-customers understand just how brilliant this MSP is.

And if you're into this kind of thing...

We have some things you might want to buy, and some things you can grab for free. Our first large scale statistical analysis of linguistic and stylistic features in ecommerce titles and blurbs is on sale now.

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