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Case Study:


  • A bold and brilliant idea to change the internet
  • An AI guru to help people be their most generous selves
  • A digital tool to spread that generosity around the world

The Challenge

Head of TED, Chris Anderson, had an idea to change the internet – from a place of division to a place of generosity. Instead of using the viral power of social media and the internet to further our own aims, what if we could use it to show our generosity and encourage thousands – or millions – of others to do the same?

This brilliant idea was distilled into a book Infectious Generosity, an AI guru called TIGG, and a tool to spread your generous acts far and wide. The challenge? Create Key Messages that explain big and brilliant ideas in a way that everyone can understand, create website content that acts as a call to arms, and create a guide that will help TED’s content creators stick to the brand messages.

“It’s amazing to work with people who know exactly what they’re doing.”

The Solution

We put our PRISM process to work, carving out the market position for the idea, book, AI guru and social movement. We codified this clearly in a Brand Story Guide – ensuring everyone working for Infectious Generosity understands the brand’s purpose and position.

From here, we got to work on the words that will inspire a global movement. Not an easy task! Working closely with our partners in brand – This Place – we created the words and design together, to tell the story of this world-changing idea. We called it “The ultimate idea worth spreading”.

We then codified this into clear, inspiring words in the Brand Story Guide, so the messages are kept throughout all communications, along with the design guidelines provided by This Place.

TED logo - positioning and TED key messaging agency

What We Love About TED

TED is full of big ideas – and they take the action needed to make a huge impact. Chris Anderson took the risky decision to make TED’s talks available to everyone – for free. And it paid off. TED is now perhaps the best known conference in the word, it’s a non profit and spreads some of the greatest ideas our society has created. It’s so ingrained in our culture, “Welcome to my TED talk” is a constant refrain.

The Infectious Generosity movement is one step further along TED’s journey of spreading bold and brilliant, world-changing ideas. Encouraging the world to adopt a generous mindset and show it to their network on social media will change how we think about our use of social media. Goodbye virtue signalling. Hello brave new world of generosity.

Plus, working with the lovely teams at TED and This Place made this the dream project.

The Outcome

  • A clear Position – to internal and external stakeholders
  • A Brand Story Guide that makes it easy to talk about what Infectious Generosity does clearly and inspiringly
  • Key Messaging that inspires action
  • Website copy that explains and motivates

About Infectious Generosity

Infectious Generosity is a book and the start of a movement. It’s based on the idea that acts of generosity, no matter how small or life-changing, can impact the lives of millions if they’re seen and shared online.

The book comes with an AI guru – a chat assistant called TIGG that helps readers understand where to use their skills, resources, time and interests to have the most impact and be as generous as possible. From here, readers can use the Infectious Generosity tool to create a compelling and social media-worthy video showcasing their generous acts – and encouraging everyone around them to be just as generous.

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