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Clever Website Rewrites

Every page written with the care and attention of the homepage.

The wrong website content means unhappy Google and unhappy humans. And that’s bad for business.

The right website content means clever words that keep you bang on brand, happy humans who buy into your messaging, and lots of lovely SEO traffic.


Whether you need to:

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Increase your .

10 or 10,000 pages, we have a process to keep all of your website content bang on brand, bang on message and bang on the money.

Using CLEVER, we help you hit your website KPIs, whether it’s increasing traffic, conversions or investability, amplifying your brand or your message, or solidifying yourselves as industry thought leaders. 

On time. On brand. And on the SERPs.

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The process to make sure every single website page is given the care and attention of the homepage.

Don’t invest all of your resources into your homepage Key Messaging and leave the rest of your content to the last minute. 

To ensure every page is working as hard as it should, you need a clear process, a team of brilliant writers, and a carefully planned strategy.

Process + Writers + Strategy

Arguably the biggest strength of Proof is the ability to produce content at scale, and in short timelines. However, the quality is also good. I've been really happy with all the work Proof have produced.

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1 – Collect – We get on the same page, getting to know your KPIs and business goals.

2 – Learn – We gather the data on your current site, competitors, customers and SERPs.

3 – Evaluate – We create a strategy for your website, including keywords, linking, structure, and in-depth page briefs.

4 – Validate – We produce 2 pages in line with the briefs and strategy, to ensure we’re bang on brand and strategy. 

5 – Evolve – Based on your feedback we make edits to the pages to ensure they’re perfect in every way.

6 – Roll-out – We ramp up production – whether that’s 10 pages or 10,000 pages.

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(…but do you?)

Was there ever an actual process for writing your website content?

Or did hundreds of people add their own flair and ideas like a patchwork content quilt? Sadly, most websites end up as a salad of different voices, messaging and purposes, meaning a diluted brand, confused customers, and numbers that aren’t where you want them to be.

Did you carefully rewrite your website content years ago and see brilliant results, only to start watching yourself slip down the rankings?

Google’s at its happiest when it sees fresh content that’s relevant, up-to-date and works well for customers. It likes to see pages that are well linked and work well together. And it likes to know you know what you’re talking about.

Do you have one market that gets brilliant results, but others that don’t have the right content and User Experience in place?

Asking translators to simply write your website in another language gives you generic content that doesn’t resonate. For website rewrites that make an impact, your content and messaging need to be perfectly tailored to every market.

If you looked at your lowest traffic product page, your homepage and your About Us page would they all say the same thing?

You have around 5 seconds to grab your users’ attention. And that includes every blog post, every product page and even the 404 page. It’s important for each of these to sell your products and services, while staying bang on brand.

Does your content match your brilliant new branding?

Whenever you update your website’s design and branding, it’s important to create sparkling words that match the new layout. There’s no point in changing the colour of your CTA if nobody’s sure why they should click it.

From UK-only websites to websites in 20+ languages, we’ve got you covered. Our network includes expert writers who understand their own local market, the nuances in the language and how to translate your messaging so it hits home with international audiences. 

We offer up to 100 languages, including Chinese, German, French, Japanese, and Swedish. And we can localise your English content for the US, Australia, UK, India, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland too.

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Take our own 404 page. It took almost as long to write as the homepage. And we won’t tell you how many compliments we’ve had about it, because that would just be boasting…

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