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Good writing with Generative AI isn’t easy. And using bad content will never help you speak clearer, just louder. 

But sometimes – to compete for SEO effectively, for example – you need content at a scale and speed that just isn’t possible with human writers. 

You need quality, human-eyes content produced at scale and speed. 

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AI copywriting with a process

RADIO – the process to create quality AI content at speed and scale. 

AI copywriting is an effective solution to creating cost-effective content at scale. But you also need the right tools, process and expertise to make it readable to both humans and search engines. 

So we developed our own platform and process, RADIO. We can deliver you a few pieces per week, or hundreds per day. Fully tailored to your brand, your Tone of Voice, your keywords and your content goals. 

Long- or short-form. In any format you need. 

And, most importantly, edited and graded by human eyes before it gets to you and your team. 

Arguably the biggest strength of Proof is the ability to produce content at scale, and in short timelines. However, the quality is also good. I've been really happy with the work Proof have produced.

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1 – ReviewWe start by making sure we understand your requirements. What’s your Tone of Voice? How long does the content need to be? What topics should we cover? What’s working already? What isn’t?

2 – Assemble a custom factory – We brief our clever AI tools on Tone of Voice, length of article, type of article, keywords, information to include, and anything else they need to know for this project. 

3 – Debug – We run the content factory, analyse the results, edit prompts, and run it again. As many times as we need to get it right. 

4 – Implement – Set up the factory on a live server ready to receive the briefs and create the content. Once the factory is ready, we can run it again and again. 

5 – Optimise – A human editor gives the content an edit to ensure accuracy, quality and anything else that looks suspiciously AI-like.

6 – Second edit – Optionally, a second editor amends the content based on style, Tone of Voice, and makes the content more complex.

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That’s why we have a process, editors, and tools on top of GPT.

Have you tried AI copywriting before, with patchy results?

Our process means there won’t be any mishaps or mayhem. Each piece of content is carefully checked for random AI rants, discrepancies, mis-information and boring writing.

Does your team have the capacity to create the amount of content you need?

In some industries, SEO copywriting requires huge amounts of words, written at scale. Without an army of freelancers, plenty of capacity to check the quality, and people on-hand to upload the content, it’s impossible to create the amount of content you need to.

Do you feel like SEO success is just around the corner, if only you could create a bit more content?

It happens whenever you create an SEO strategy. You have these brilliant plans to rank for thousands of keywords, but when it comes to the team you need to create the content, you either don’t have enough people, or they’re busy writing marketing materials and other content.

Is there always an outstanding blog post on your to do list?

We know the feeling. With our AI copywriting tools, we can create anything from five blog posts per month to thousands of pieces in just a couple of months. And it won’t break the bank, either.

The cost-effective way to keep ahead of the competition in the SERPS

We all know it takes months for SEO content to start showing us the results we want. Having to spend months even creating it means a slow-burn on getting what you need. Producing hundreds of pieces at a time means seeing the results come in quickly. 

Plus, you’re spending just £200 or less on one page that will bring you traffic, leads and sales for months – and years – to come. 

Hiring an AI content agency to create SEO-focused content means staying one step ahead in SEO.

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