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At Proof Content it’s about ownership of results, not being told what to do and blindly following processes.

  • We believe that meaning and purpose at work is a good thing.
  • We believe that individual accountability is a good thing but we can only succeed or fail as a team.
  • We believe our team members know how to do their own job best. We set up just enough processes and goals for our teams – then give them the freedom they need to succeed.
  • We believe success comes from deliberately recruiting talented and motivated people who are capable of being results driven, not process driven.

We’re small and agile, we’re female-led, and diversity is important to us. 

Our mission

Our mission is to create the words that define the brands we love. 

What we mean by brands we love – 

  • Where we can make a clear difference (we won’t work with Oatly – they already have their content sorted)
  • Where we can promote a worthwhile product or cause
  • Where we work with similar cultures to us (friendly, kind, interested in the work, see us as a partner)
  • We won’t work for industries like gambling, arms or zoos, and we won’t help companies greenwash or wokewash

Our values

  • Fair – to clients, colleagues and writers
  • Honest – if we can’t do something we say so. We’re also direct – if something could be improved, we’ll say so
  • Strategic – always questioning, thinking ahead and not accepting what’s normal as a given
  • Efficient – finished is better than perfect. We turn content around quickly
  • Grow together – we’re clear on our targets – as individuals, as a team and as a business
  • Commercially focused – our content gets people onto our clients’ sites and then into their baskets
Proof Content Team