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Case Study:

Modu Digital

  • Named and defined Modu’s new category – Digital Pathfinders
  • Named and defined a new audience – LeaderX
  • Key Messaging to win the category and audience

The Challenge

Unlike many businesses, Modu know who they are and why they exist. It’s the what that proved a challenge. Their brilliant service spilled out of the web development, design and strategy boxes – combining all three to create powerful change for their clients – in just 45 days.

But how do you define something that doesn’t exist elsewhere?

And how do you explain an audience of new leaders? Leaders who care about the legacy they leave and the work they do. Who understand that technology moves so fast you need to build as you strategise. And who lead their teams to create the giants of tomorrow.


“We are thrilled with the work Proof have done. Charli and Chris both really challenged our thinking on what our category is, and achieved what we weren’t able to do before - even working with other agencies.”

The Solution

Through our tried and tested PRISM framework, we found the right Positioning for Modu, communicating exactly what it is they bring to clients. We codified it in simple, inspiring terms for internal and external stakeholders in a Brand Story Guide.

From here we spent days (and went through many flip chart pads) naming the category Modu has created. The category of Digital Pathfinders.

But there’s no category design without creating a new audience. An audience of new technology leaders who move fast, make brave decisions and care about the longevity of their work. The leaders we call LeaderX – and the giants of tomorrow they’re creating.

Modu Digital Case Study

What We Love About Modu Digital

Modu Digital are forging a new category. They’re creative, they’re brave, and they get it done. Plus, they put everything in simplest terms – B2B products and services are hard to talk about at the best of times. There’s no need for smoke and mirrors when what you’re doing speaks for itself.

Modu Digital presented us with a different kind of challenge. They’re doing so many brilliant things, our job was to find the thread that connects them all, and the one that really speaks to their perfect fit customers.

The Outcome

  • A clear Position – to internal and external stakeholders
  • A Brand Story Guide that makes it easy to talk about what Modu do clearly and compellingly
  • Key Messaging that creates a rallying cry for their new audience
  • A newly named category – Digital Pathfinders
  • A newly named audience, separated by their ambition and commitment to change – LeaderX

About Modu Digital

A straight-talking team of inspirational brainiacs. Modu’s people are dedicated to their work, building the giants of tomorrow.

They go from tactical to broad strokes in seconds, look through a technical lens and are focused on meaningful, future-focused work.

Modu also have some pretty cool ways of working:

  • In 15/30 day cycles. Their clients can’t believe how much they can achieve in the time
  • With a huge library of tried and tested patterns – not tired and stale playbooks
  • Using a team of brainiacs who care.

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