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Case Study:

IT Naturally

  • BCorp
  • TS3 registered
  • Fast-growing business

The Challenge

Like many other industries, IT has become a commoditised and over-saturated market. IT Naturally provides an unrivalled service, process and team, and all of their clients know it. But helping potential clients, team members and other stakeholders to understand it too was the challenge. 

Their current differentiator was care for the environment, but this wasn’t working for them. It isn’t a major concern for clients and potential clients when hiring an IT MSP – yet. 

But with so many brilliant ways of doing things, values they live and breathe every day, and one of the highest NPS scores in the industry – how could we pick just one differentiator?

Enter Proof Content and our PRISM Key Messaging process. 

"I love the way we were taken on the journey, not told what to say or do, but gently led even when we were probably wrong. We had an enjoyable experience, we learnt more about ourselves and now have a great brand guideline to help us share our message authentically."

The Solution

A differentiator, compelling Key Messaging & an unusual slogan

Through our proven framework – PRISM – we got to work on IT Naturally’s Positioning, helping them define and codify who they are into a seven page Brand Story Guide. This guide provides a clear base for anyone wanting to create content, sales or marketing materials, or simply explain “So what is it you guys do?”.

We were able to set out exactly what makes IT Naturally different from other IT Managed Service Providers, and through customer interviews we understood which differentiators would resonate.

From here, we created the slogan and Key Messaging that fit all of this information into a couple of short paragraphs. They’re beautifully written, but easy to understand because of the concrete foundations of our Positioning work (if we do say so ourselves).

And their new slogan? “Enjoy not talking about IT”. It’s as lighthearted as they are, and gets to the very heart of what they do – allowing teams to get on with what they do best, without having to spend time worrying and complaining about IT issues.

IT Naturally logo
  • Fast-growing business in a saturated market, with a different approach
  • IT Naturally take their responsibility to the planet seriously
  • They believe “IT should just be fun”
  • They live and breathe their values
  • They’re fun to work with, and brought excellent insights to our process

What We Love About IT Naturally

IT Naturally is an IT Managed Service Provider with a different story. The business was started by Julie Bishop and Richard Gardner to handle the wake of a large corporate shutting down. And the way they run the business means they aren’t your average MSP.

They put people at the heart of everything they do – setting rigorous standards, giving the team the freedom to build initiative, and creating a fun atmosphere. They have unlimited training budgets – going as far as challenging their people to try to spend so much on training they have to say no.

IT Naturally spend time thinking about their responsibility to the planet, their clients and their communities. And because of this their team are empathetic with clients, and bring a lighthearted approach to solving big problems.

The Outcome

  • Brand Story Guide
  • Key Messaging that explains who they are, and how they’re different – in just a few paragraphs
  • Support for marketing team in creating website content

As a result, IT Naturally has a strong brand story and voice that presents their empathy and sense of fun, and allows them to be heard clearly above the empty noise of their competitors.

More Brand Story Guide results:

  • A clear jumping off point for their brilliant marketing team to create website content
  • Shared language to use when talking about the company
  • Stronger company culture
  • “Manual’ for the development of future targeted content

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