Origin Marks

What are Origin Marks?

Origin Marks are fully manual, self certification indicators for where content came from – Humans, Machines or both. See the Origin Marks explanation page here.


1: You used DALLE or MidJourney to create your site images, but then made adjustments and edits yourself – MA HU – mostly machine, a bit of human.

2: You used ChatGPT for some ideas or paragraph prompts, but wrote the content yourself – HU MA – human generated, assisted by machine

3: You used GPTx to write a blog post from start to finish, no significant human editing – MA

How do I use them?

We’ll release a free WordPress plugin shortly! (Along with some more instructions!) Alternatively, use the form below to get the embed code for your own site.


What is the origin of your content?

Fully Human generated
Human generated, helped by machine
Fully machine generated
Machine generated, modified by humans
Content Type

What are you marking the origin of?

General (everything) Text Media
Origin Mark Format

Available as PNG or SVG

Explanation Link

Choose whether to link to the Origin Mark explanation page with a follow or nofollow link, or not at all


Enter any additional styles to include inline, e.g. background:yellow;width:50px;

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