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Key Messaging

Key Messaging – For when you can’t explain who you are and what you do, your website leaks leads, your elevator pitch finishes at the 8 millionth floor, and your sales team are embarrassed by their pitch deck. 
Key Messaging and positioning
Book cover of knight - strategic narrative featured image

How to create a compelling strategic narrative

In the vast, ever-evolving world of marketing and branding, there is one powerful tool that can force your audience to stop, collaborate (unforgivable, I know), …

Brand Messaging featured image

What is a brand message? | Brand messaging examples

The ability to communicate exactly what your brand offers, in as few words as possible, is an essential skill. If your own team is still …

Clear marketing featured image

There’s more to clear marketing than speaking loudly

How many times have you been bombarded with advertisements or other marketing materials by a brand that you couldn’t even name, even if you wanted …

Creative problems solved with AI

Eight Human Creative Problems We Treat with AI

AI is not our creative director. It’s our creative wingman. A lackey in an intense writing room on a Wednesday afternoon (albeit one with a …

Tone of Voice Guidelines are dead

Tone of Voice Guidelines Don’t Work: Here’s How to Fix Them

Tone of Voice guidelines represent a lot of what’s wrong with content today. They tell us how to say things, rather than what we should …

What makes a good slogan featured image

What Makes a Good Slogan for Brands?

A slogan is likely to be someone’s very first impression of your brand. This kind of Key Messaging that defines a brand completely, needs to …

How to write memorable Key Messaging - Universal Human Values - picture of interlinking circles making a human face

How to write memorable Key Messaging Part Three: Universal Human Values

There are ten basic human drivers across the world that are so powerful, yet so different between groups and cultures, they actually affect rates of …

How to make Key Messaging Memorable with Processing Fluency - swirl with fight sign

How to write memorable Key Messaging Part Two – Processing Fluency

Processing Fluency – how easy it is to understand what you’re saying – directly affects your audience’s ability to remember and repeat it. Let’s ruin …

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