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Four Ways To Use Content and AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is big news at the moment. And one of the industries leading the way is content marketing. 

Rather than thinking of AI and technology as something that’s coming to steal all of our jobs and put writers out of work, it’s something that can help us do our jobs more efficiently by doing some of the basic work for us. Hundreds of tools are being developed to improve the process for content creators and marketers – although, of course, they all need a human touch. 

Four ways to use AI to improve your content

Content ideas

It’s often said that nobody should be a writer if they can’t come up with 100 ideas before breakfast. 

Some days you feel ideas are flowing. Others feel like you don’t have a creative bone in your body. Luckily, there are some excellent AI tools to help you come up with content ideas. 

How AI helps you create content ideas

Simply put in the keywords and the AI will generate hundreds of ideas for you in seconds. 

A human eye is needed to understand what works best for your target audience, what makes sense and what’s on brand. But starting with a list is often a lot easier than starting with a blank sheet of paper. Some tools will even write the snippet or the intro paragraph for you as well. 

This kind of AI works better as time goes on. The AI learns which articles are best suited to your audience, and you learn the best keywords and information it needs before it comes up with its list of genius ideas. 

E-commerce content

Large e-commerce websites can consist of thousands of pages, many of which aren’t visited very often. Having little or no content on these pages can have a very negative impact on your SEO, and that’s where AI comes in. 

How AI creates e-commerce content

AI can create hundreds of similar pages in just a few seconds. In the tool we’ve built, we simply feed the app some examples that fit the Tone of Voice, length, information and style of our client’s content. It then comes up with hundreds of pages.

This kind of AI content works well for product pages, hotel descriptions and supplier pages (for example, merchant pages on an affiliate website). It’s perfect for pages that are very similar in style and contain similar information. 

Create better content than your competitors

The term ‘skyscraper content’ comes from skyscrapers getting progressively taller in a city, each bigger and better than the last. Before you write any piece of content it’s important to check what else is ranking for the keywords and who seems to be the authority on the topic. 

You look at the best ideas from your competitors’, see where they’ve missed something – and then you improve on it. It could be that you want to make the content easier to read, more informative or put your own spin on it. 

How AI helps you beat your competitors’ content

Content AI analyses content from all over the internet to help you find the best-performing pieces. Unlike the human brain, AI can think outside of our normal patterns and look for other indicators of success, rather than just success within a few keywords or for a particular audience. 

Most of us are writing for Google’s bots (i.e. the Google algorithm) as well as for customers, so having your own bot look over your content and your competitors’ content is a great way to measure its potential success. 

If your content is underperforming in terms of number of links, keywords, related topics or length, AI can tell you in seconds. 

Optimise your content for SEO

Creating content for humans is always the best policy. There’s a balance to be struck, but Google bots are becoming increasingly better at predicting the kinds of content humans will like. Rather than writing for an algorithm, which could change at any time, writing for humans gives you the best chance of long-term success.

However, helping people find your content in the first place can be tricky. And that’s where SEO comes in. Almost every piece of content is a labour of love, and helping people get there is as important as writing itself. 

How AI optimises your content for SEO

Most of the technology we use to optimise content for SEO now uses some form of AI. The Google keyword planner tool, SEMRush and Ahrefs all use some form of machine learning, which is simply a type of AI. This technology helps you at every stage of the content-marketing journey – ideas, keyword research, writing, editing and measuring. 

Making AI content work for you

Rather than worrying AI will steal our jobs, now is the time to embrace the technology and use it to become even better at what we do. 

At Proof Content, we use AI tools to create our content on a daily basis. From AI-human written content, to using the best tools to research and analyse, we also know the importance of keeping a human touch in every piece of content. 

How to use AI for content

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