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The Best Christmas Content of 2021

That’s right. We went there. Over-done/fun/inspiring? Here is a round-up of our favourite Christmas content of 2021.

Lidl’s ‘A Christmas Carrot’

Maybe it’s the fact that this ad’s entirely based on a pun, but it’s definitely one of our favourites. From the carrot door knocker that matches Scrooge’s face door knocker in the original ‘A Christmas Carol’, to the message of kindness with lots of yummy food weaved throughout, we love ‘A Christmas Carrot’.

Bouygues – Personalised WhatsApp Video

Well, we had to sneak AI in there somewhere. Jill’s French phone company, Bouygues, sent her a little Christmas video, personalised using AI. And we were very impressed! 

OK, so this one’s more New Year’s content than Christmas content. But Google’s Year in Search has been fascinating in a fairly weird year. Here are some of our favourite takeaways:

  • ‘Doomscrolling’ was searched more than ever
  • Bernie Sanders brought us a lot of searches for ‘mittens’
  • ‘How to start a business’ searches overtook ‘how to get a job’
  • ‘How to conserve’ reached its highest search volume in 2021, as did ‘sustainability’
  • ‘When is nurses week?’ also reached an all-time high

Waitrose – ‘You Can Taste When It’s a Waitrose Christmas’

It’s a little bit naughty. It’s relatable. And it brings Waitrose’s excellent food to the fore. We love watching Waitrose’s You Can Taste When It’s a Waitrose Christmas

Studio – ‘Team Early’

Studio sorted us into two camps we didn’t really know we were in. Those who love Christmas and can’t wait for it to start (literally), ‘Team Early’, and those who watch in amused horror until December. The real question is, which one are you?

John Lewis ‘Unexpected Guest’

This is a controversial one, but with AI such a big topic, and seeing people connect over something so little, ‘Unexpected Guest’ was a pretty good one. 

And that’s wrap (no pun intended). See you on the other side of 15 roast potatoes.

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