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Author: Tom Wilkins

What is a Website Replatform? Content Migration

What is a Website Replatform? 

Your website is often the very first way your audience gets to know your brand, so if it isn’t working for you, it might need ...
How to write an About page Website Rewrites

How to Write an About Page that Just Works (With Examples)

The About page – your one-stop shop to showcase what your company has to offer, the people behind it, and what makes it memorable. How ...
Website content migration services Content Migration

When should you use content migration services?

Your website is the very first interaction an audience has with your brand. And at some point it will need a facelift and – very ...
Brands vs. Companies Key Messaging

Brands vs. Companies

The words “brand” and “company” are often used interchangeably. Many people will refer to one when they actually mean the other, which leaves us with ...
Ai blog featured image Copywriting

AI Blog Writing: How to Perfect an AI-Written Blog Post

AI blog writing doesn’t need to feel like cheating – some of the coolest people I know are doing it. Artificial intelligence is paving the ...
positioning vs messaging featured image Key Messaging

The ins and outs of positioning vs messaging (+ framework)

Positioning and messaging are like two peas in a pod – if those peas acted in wildly different ways during their teenage years, before reconciling ...
Core Messaging featured image Key Messaging

Unlocking the Power of Core Messaging

If effective communication is the heart of a successful branding and marketing strategy, then Core Messaging is the soul. It plays a pivotal role in ...
Brand Messaging featured image Key Messaging

What is a brand message? | Brand messaging examples

The ability to communicate exactly what your brand offers, in as few words as possible, is an essential skill. If your own team is still ...
Clear marketing featured image Key Messaging

There’s more to clear marketing than speaking loudly

How many times have you been bombarded with advertisements or other marketing materials by a brand that you couldn’t even name, even if you wanted ...
What makes a good slogan featured image Key Messaging

What Makes a Good Slogan for Brands?

A slogan is likely to be someone’s very first impression of your brand. This kind of Key Messaging that defines a brand completely, needs to ...

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