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Titles & Blurbs : How To Write a Crowdfunding Pitch That Works

Ever wondered why some crowdfunding campaigns achieve 4,000% of their funding goal while others don’t even get to 10%?

“Game-changer! Practical insights for anyone who writes/sells online. I totally geeked out on doc and all the research and insights within it!” – Tom Cledwyn, MD of Infectious Generosity (TED)

Sure, some of them come with a built-in audience. Some get brilliant PR coverage through luck. And others have rich friends.

BUT there are plenty of overfunded crowdfunding campaigns that don’t have any of these. They somehow catch the eye of browsers and get pledges coming in from strangers all over the internet…

Because they’ve used that tiny space – the title and the description – to RESONATE.

How can you copy them?

You need data.

Not some guru’s analysis of a few campaigns. Not a repeat of the eight billion blog articles on “crafting a perfect kickstarter campaign”.

How about nearly 250,000 crowdfunding campaign listings? Analysed to show what works. And what doesn’t.

That’s what we’ve done for you in this report.

Take your crowdfunding campaign titles and blurbs from better to the best with the data and knowledge of what actually works.

Stop guessing and focus on the real thing that matters – getting to market!

How to write crowdfunding copy


You have 300-500 words. Which ones click?

Your headlines and your blurbs – they’re the gateway to the funding you need. They’re the gateway to finding the customers you deserve. They’re the gateway to helping customers enjoy the benefits of the product or service you’ve worked so hard to create. But they have a finite attention span. And a finite amount of money to invest in crowdfunding. So it’s literally – your word against all of the other campaigns on the site. You need anything that gives you an edge. And we mean – anything. Because the tiniest things correlate with success, or failure.

Copywriting blends art and science

But it’s often the art and creativity we have to fall back on when we’re writing. NO MORE! Now you have data from 250,000 ads that shows you exactly what works and what doesn’t. We’ve been up and running for over 12 years – creating copy for brands like TED, Boots and Experian – and some of these results surprised us. You’ll find little tactics that make a huge difference. And some of the “copywriting musts” we hear about from the experts that really don’t.

What’s included?

  • Analysis of 250,000 ads – and how successful they were
  • Ads tested against 35 different linguistic tactics, and how they affected the ad’s success
  • Analysis of ad titles and blurbs separately
  • Insights into how these different types of writing work – from our expert team who’ve written for TED, Experian, Boots, LexisNexis, and more
  • Analysis of passive voice, numbers and stats, adjectives, exclamation marks – and so much more!
  • Helpful graphs to show you what worked and what didn’t
  • Further reading to make you the smartest crowdfunder in the room

How did we do it?

We took just under a quarter of a million crowdfunding campaigns and, after removing outliers and noise, looked at their success rate through the lens of 35 different tests.
  • What happens with an exclamation mark? Or two together? Or a bunch, sprinkled about?
  • What does negative or positive sentiment do?
  • What’s the effect of different parts of speech?
  • What happens when hyperbole is added?
  • What does future focused language do?
  • … and loads more

Who is it for?

If you want to find out how to write a crowdfunding pitch that gets you overfunded – you will find value here If you’re starting a crowdfunding campaign – you’ll understand the contribution each of these items has on first click

Why do I need it?

One way or another, you’ve paid for someone to read your headline or blurb. Almost certainly – those two pieces of text are the key to the next step in their conversion journey. The more guesswork you can eliminate, the faster you can get through a tedious and expensive A/B testing routine. Format – PDF, instant download. Free updates for as long as the product exists.

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