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Case Study:

PinPoint Predictive

  • Insurtech 100 winner
  • Fast-growing start-up powered by AI
  • Backed by 70 years of research

The Challenge

“How to convert complex information into easy-to-understand real-world benefits”

Like many other technology companies, Pinpoint Predictive’s product is complex and tough for people to get their heads around. But just as when you’re selling flights you don’t spend time telling customers how the plane works, the focus needs to be on the actual benefits to real-world insurance decisions. 

Insurance providers aren’t your average Joe. They’re no strangers to data-driven decisions – they’re savvy, clever, and know what they’re looking for. So giving them the background they needed to understand how Pinpoint’s products are different, without getting bogged down in heavy detail, was the tightrope we needed to walk. 

Our task was to breathe new life into their website, sparking curiosity into how Pinpoint works and highlighting the unique advantages it brings to insurance companies. We had the ambitious goal of engaging visitors with just enough information so that they’d be itching for more. 

We rolled up our sleeves, ready for some writing acrobatics.

The team were extremely thorough and were able to translate complex technical topics into easy to understand content.

The Solution

Compelling benefits-led content backed by data and proof of the Pinpoint difference

Applying our CLEVER website rewrites framework, we gathered the data we needed to create the right level of detail around Pinpoint’s proprietary technology.

From data-driven results pages that made using Pinpoint Predictive a no brainer, to product pages that provided a fascinating insight into the tools, we gave users a captivating tour of Pinpoint Predictive’s website without giving it all away on the first date. 

We were laser-focused on what the audience needed and wanted to know. We took time to fully comprehend who they are and what the competitive landscape looks like. Armed with all of our data, we created FAQs that answered all of the burning questions while enticing them to find out more about how Pinpoint Predictive could transform their operations.

Pinpoint Predictive copywriting agency
  • Pinpoint Predictive provide a much-needed tech shake-up in the insurance industry
  • Their AI gives a chance to people who may have been denied insurance previously 
  • A brilliant team of clever, creative minds
  • Trusted our expertise and open to suggestions and ideas

What We Love About Pinpoint Predictive

Pinpoint Predictive has triggered an InsurTech revolution. Their advanced behavioural economics model turned 70 years of peer-reviewed research into an industry-changing service for insurers. 

Pinpoint started as a small start-up in 2015 and has since rapidly expanded, making it onto the InsurTech 100 list two years running. 

Fast forward to 2022, when they unveiled their deep-learning-powered, top-of-the-funnel customer profitability and loss prediction model – putting the most accurate profitability predictions into the hands of property and casualty insurers across the world. 

With AI at its heart, this game-changing technology helps businesses ranging from small firms to Fortune 500 companies by empowering them to make better decisions with AI.

The Outcome

  • Website Content That Converts
  • A Clear And Easy User Journey Throughout The Site
  • FAQs That Create Certainty, Not Doubt
  • Data-Led Copywriting

As a result, Pinpoint Predictive’s website speaks clearly to customers, investors, and other key stakeholders. 


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