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Content can change minds, lives and create movements. Or, it can add a momentary smile to your commute.

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We used to describe ourselves as a copywriting agency. 150 writing guns for hire. Expertise crossing industry boundaries, journalists and clever AI rolled into a team for clever content creation.

But that’s not “it” anymore.

Now, corporate clients come to us because they have tricky business challenges. Challenges that can only be solved using content. Maybe it’s Key Messaging you need, maybe it’s a website rewrite at scale or a content strategy. Perhaps it’s “just” copywriting (hint – it’s never “just”). Whatever you need, our army of expert writers, our AI, and our clever content products are the solution.

Copywriting agency

Copywriting with a process

The process to find the right content to solve business challenges.

Copywriting is a delicate blend of data, creativity and process. 

Creative content looks good, but without data and a strong process behind it, that’s as far as it goes. 

We take the guesswork out of finding the right words for your brand.

The Proof Content team have been essential partners in our journey as we’ve developed as a business. Always friendly, professional and reliable, they deliver work to the highest of standards. Proof Content has become an extension of our team and essential in articulating the Therme story to the world.

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1 – Research & add expertise – We research your business, your market, your industry, your topic. Then our team of journalists, business people, writers and strategists add insider knowledge in a whole range of industries.

2 – Strategise – Where there’s no strategy in place, we work with your team to create a plan that brings you more traffic, adds credibility to your brand, converts your customers and keeps them coming back for more.

3 – Write – All great writing begins with an even better brief. We create these before our in-house writers or freelance team put fingers to keyboards and start creating sparkling words that get your message out there. 

4 – Edit – Our tools allow us to make impartial decisions before we send in the editors to check for Tone of Voice, keyword density, information and research. Plus good old fashioned stuff like spelling and grammar. 

5 – Send – As the people who work in your business daily, you’re the experts in your Tone of Voice and industry. We also send the content to you for checks, with a few days held back for amendments if they’re needed.

6 – Amplify & measure – We upload the copy to your website, social media, newsletter and wherever else we know your customers will see it. And, most importantly, we measure it to see what’s working – and what isn’t. 

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(It depends on your process…)

Is there a strategy behind your content?

For a good ROI, even better brand awareness, and to achieve almost every KPI, everything you write needs to have a purpose and a strategy behind it. Beginning with who you’re writing for, and why.

How many voices does your copy speak in?

Your sales, marketing, HR, leadership and customer service teams are all speaking to the same people, but in totally different languages. Make sure everything you write is on the same page.

Do you have the resources to create on-brand, clever content quickly?

Some copy requires a speedy turnaround, while projects like website rewrites need thousands of pages to be written in a couple of months. When your team runs out of capacity, you need a copywriting agency.

Does your team have the capacity to create the amount of copy your brand needs?

Your team are looking after KPIs, setting strategies, ensuring your efforts are aligned with the rest of the business’ goals, running your other marketing campaigns, and so much more. Content often comes as an afterthought. Put it front and centre with a proper copywriting process. 

Is your content speaking to the right people?

We often think we know what people want to read and buy from our business. But without deep analysis, testing and a strategy, we’re just guessing. Put the right words in the right places.

The right words in the right places

Your homepage needs to say what you do and who you are in just one sentence. Your blog posts need to provide insights users won’t find elsewhere. Your investor decks need to show how you’re the one to own the space, your USPs and your savvy business knowledge. Your Join The Team page needs to be full of unique facts about working with you. Your product pages need to quickly answer questions your customers might not even have thought of yet, and then show them how to buy.

Hiring a copywriting agency means getting the right words in the right places.

Take our own content marketing as an example. Once we started prioritising our own copywriting, put a proper strategy in place and gave our content the attention we give our clients’, we didn’t have to go hunting for leads. 

Words that define brands we love

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